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The course starts at 7.30pm on 10th April through till 1st May and the 4 week course will cost £44. The sessions are held in the Parish Hall at St. Michael and All Angels Church, near Turnham Green Station. Look at our Venue page if you're not sure where that is.

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Our next available beginner's class is already pre-selected. Should you wish to join the advanced class then please select either of the Classical Pilates options.

18C10 Beginners, 7.30pm, £44
18C11 Classical Pilates, 8.35pm, £44

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Exercise mat When booking a levelONE course for the first time don't forget to bring an exercise mat.

Refunds All courses are run subject to numbers and in the event of the course not running your money will be refunded in full. However, once the course starts and you are unable, for whatever reason, to attend, all or some of the lessons, then no refunds are possible.

Pregnancy Although Pilates is suitable for pregnant women, our classes aren't. So I'm afraid that if you are pregnant you should not proceed with your booking. Please visit our Pilates and Pregnancy page for more advice.

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