How are our teachers trained?

Our teachers have all completed professional training courses and come from a variety of backgrounds, some are dancers, some athletes, one was a film editor!

Please look at each teacher's profile to see who they trained with. Hopefully this will help reassure you that your body will be in safe hands.

Occasionally it will be necessary for us to arrange for a cover teacher. Needless to say they are trained to the same standards. You can meet some of them here.

Find out about our trainee policy here.

photo of Joyce Gentle

Joyce Gentle

I came to Pilates as a result of lower back pain. The sense of wellbeing, both physical and emotional that Pilates brought to me made me realise just how divorced from my body I had become. It is not an exaggeration to say that Pilates changed my life. My belief now, is that everyone no matter what age or level of fitness, has the right to feel as good as they possibly can within their own bodies. My aim is to help my students achieve this, both within the Pilates class and throughout their daily lives.

Please contact Joyce directly for individual tuition.

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07768 838 303

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photo of Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

Michelle has studied Pilates for over ten years. Her teaching philosophy is based on her conviction that a balanced body equals a balanced mind. Her detailed, yet gentle, approach enable total beginners as well as the more experienced to gain from the extraordinary health and toning benefits for which Pilates is famous.

Michelle is qualified to use Pilates apparatus and has a small studio at her home.

Please contact her directly for more information.

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07779 828 434

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Photo of Nada Dobre

Nada Dobre

Nada is a former international 100m hurdles athlete. From this it was a natural step to commit to the improvement of physical health and fitness in all forms. Nada is a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher as well as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and sports therapist.

Please contact Nada directly for more information.

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07932 210 570

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