Classes at Pilates in Chiswick

Our classes are not suitable if you are pregnant. The main reason that we don't allow you to do our classes whilst pregnant is that with large classes it is very difficult for the teacher to monitor you adequately.

Further information

That is not to say that Pilates is unsuitable if you are pregnant. There are obviously huge changes taking place to your body and it is important that any exercise you do during your pregnancy is monitored closely by someone with the necessary qualifications and experience. With the right teacher Pilates can help you understand what is happening to your body and how you can help yourself.

As pregnancy progresses there are different contra-indications regarding postural issues and changes in the body as the baby grows. Also, each pregnancy is unique so these contra-indications can vary from person to person. These are some of the issues that you could face:

Some of these conditions can come and go during your pregnancy. It is recommended that you do not lie on your back for more than 3 minutes once you have passed your 12th week. This helps to maintain a good flow of both blood and oxygen to your baby.

Some options

We could suggest that you consult your GP and, if given the go ahead, then look for a Pilates Foundation teacher who has complete the Pre and Post Natal Post Graduate course. We hope to be able to publish a list of these teachers soon. So please watch this space.