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Paola Ferretti-Johnson

Paola qualified as a pilates teacher with two of the UK’s pre-eminent instructors, Anoushka Boone and Dominique Jensen.

Since then she has established and refined her teaching skills and is now qualified in the Feldenkrais Method, a somatic educational system aimed at improving physical function by increasing overall awareness of movement.

She is also on the first year of training in the Franklin method, which uses dynamic imagery and anatomical embodiment to create lasting positive changes in the body-mind.

Paola’s aim is to guide students through a journey of self discovery, understanding how we move and function and how we can improve every moment and every breath by being more aware.

Please contact Paola directly for more information.

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Mob: 07515 852 265

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Allison Mun-Gavin

I've always enjoyed an active lifestyle and fell in love with pilates many years ago as it was an excellent balance to other activities. I am a qualified Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor and have been mentored by Conchita del Campo (Body Control).I believe that pilates is more than just exercising .... its an experience and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

I am married with 2 daughters and 2 very energetic Jack Russells!

Please contact Allison directly for more information.

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07766 761 749

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