Next Beginner's Course

Our next available beginner's course starts on Wednesday 8th JUNE at The Arts Ed with Nada. You can reserve a place on our Booking Form. More details of this and our other courses are available on our Schedule page.


Welcome to our Pilates classes in Chiswick

We currently have pupils aged between 16 to 80 all enjoying the benefits of our Pilates courses. Why not join them and find out what keeps them coming back for more.

Our courses are all matwork based at St. Michael and All Angels Church and the ArtsEd School near Turnham Green tube station.

Courses are organised in Clubs, with each day bringing a different benefit. Choose the one that suits you best! For a more detailed description have a look at the Schedule page.

We employ teachers who have completed training to a professional level. They are all highly skilled and enthusiastic. Pupils are welcome at all levels, including those who are recovering from injuries or suffering from long term difficulties. We can help you choose the teacher best suited to your needs.

So whether you live in Acton, Brentford, Chiswick, Ealing, Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush or elsewhere in West London you'll find one of our classes just right for you. Have a look at the instructions for using the site below, making sure you catch up with our latest news on the way.

More great courses - whatever your level

Although the weather may be a trifle inconsistent our classes continue to provide a solid grounding in Pilates Matwork. Think of Pilates not as a short term fix but as a long term friend. We've had a busy start to our 12th year which is very satisfying. It's great to know that people are still keen to discover the benefits of pilates for themselves. Over the years we have enjoyed the company of over 2,700 pupils attending our various courses, indeed a select few of these continue to attend regularly. At any of our classes you will receive thorough, considered tuition from our fantastic, fully qualified teachers to help coax your body into relaxing, stretching and generally toning up. Soon, you'll soon notice that you're starting to hold yourself better and with more confidence.


calendar icon showing 8th June

Next Wednesday Club Courses start on 8th June

Courses at all levels

Our next Wednesday courses will start on the 8th June after the half term break. Remember these courses all match the school calendar and this time round they will run for 7 weeks. Check out our NEW Mixed Course with Helen, for people just starting to get the hang of pilates. You can register for any of these courses on our booking page right now.


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Next Tuesday Club Courses start 24th May

Keep it going with our pilates taster courses!

At just an hour long, our Tuesday Club classes allow us to offer them to you at the excellent price of £11 per class. To join in simply follow this link to our Tuesday Booking page. For more advanced pupils we have our later class focusing on 'Classic Pilates' which starts at 8:35pm. UPDATE: Our beginner's course is already fully booked.


Pilates in Chiswick update

Since we started running our courses exercise trends have come and gone, however the ethos behind our Pilates classes is a constant. We believe that having the same teacher every week makes such a difference as this allows them to understand how your body works and the best way for you to progress. I hope you take the opportunity to find out for yourself and look forward to seeing you at one of our classes soon!

When looking for pilates courses make sure that the teacher is qualified, after all it's your body! Have a look at our teacher's page to find out more about the professionals that teach our classes.


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photo of nick Why not follow us on Twitter and you can receive updates, changes and info on new courses. There will be special offers as well, from time to time! Please note that I have finally corrected the year to 2016 in the date below and we're only in May!

Best wishes,

Nick Radclyffe

23 May 2016